Are you looking for an Eco-friendly gift for a special woman in your life, but cannot think of anything that will make her and our Mother Earth happy? The good news is that there are actually plenty of awesome, beautiful things you can get for your girl that are made of green materials, and are produced in an environmentally conscious ways!

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5 unique green gift ideas that she will surely rave about :)

Green Lingerie Ideas

It is no secret that lingerie is one of the sexiest gifts you can give to a woman. This will not only spice things up in your bedroom, but it will also make her feel great about herself, and I promise she will find a way to reward you, too! Unfortunately for many people the excitement of giving and getting lingerie has been tainted by the fact that the textile industry is highly polluting and poisoning many Eco-systems around the world, and contributing to global warming. Luckily, there are a number of new green lingerie options that will not only feel amazing to her skin, but will also be as natural, and toxin-free as possible.

Green intimates can be exquisitely soft, because they use such sustainable fabrics as bamboo, organic cotton, natural silk, and modal fabrics made from sustainably harvested beech tree fibers. Some designers even use end-of-line materials that could have been scraps and waste, and turn them into sexy pieces. Many green designer brands also source materials locally, print, dye and saw fabrics in-house, which makes this lingerie essentially handmade. Whether you are looking for something chic and upscale like pieces by Stella McCartney, or something more affordable that you can find from one of the smaller designers on Etsy, where you can have plenty of green, and stylish options to choose from.

Organic Fair Trade Chocolate

Nothing melts a woman's heart like scrumptious chocolate. Sadly, this delicious treat has become hard to digest for many green living enthusiasts due to armed conflicts, human rights violations, and polluting production practices that plague cocoa producing regions of the world. To fill the need for a more Eco-friendly alternative, many companies have launched chocolate brands that live up to the highest green standards, and therefore make a great gift. When making your selection, look for companies that make organic chocolate, use regionally grown and sustainably harvested cocoa, and support local farmers who produce it by paying them fair trade wages.

Did you know? Some brands, such as Endangered Species Chocolate, go as far in their efforts to support the environment as donating 10% of its net profits to help save at-risk species, habitat and humanity.

Eco-friendly accessories

Regardless of the season, or of what is already in their closets, ladies love to accessorize. There is always room for a stylish scarf, or a cute purse to breath new life into old and tired outfits. You can find a wide variety of eye-catching designs and styles from local artists and clothing designers that produce handmade silk scarves using environmentally friendly dyes, conserving electricity and water, and utilizing a variety of other methods of green production.

Designers of green purses and handbags are also creating an array of fun and cool items made from a wide range of recycled and re-purposed materials, such as: up-cycled cotton, rice sacks, plastic bags, recycled seat belts, candy wrappers, children's story books and many more.

Organic Flowers

A beautiful bouquet is an instant winner in the hearts and minds of many women. Now, you can spoil her with organic flowers grown in Eco-friendly ways. To find the right bouquet, make sure to look for companies that are certified through special programs like VeriFlora, or TransFair USA. These companies set high standards for worker rights and health, water conservation, recycling, organic production and help build sustainable communities.

Natural Perfume Ideas

A scent of a woman is truly unforgettable, making perfume one of the best gifts to give and receive. Modern technology has reversed a centuries old tradition of making perfume out of essential oils derived from flowers and seeds, instead producing perfume with cheaper, longer lasting lab-created ingredients. As it turns out these chemicals are neither good for your health, nor for the environment.

Did you know Up to 97% of the premium price you pay for a brand name perfume, covers the cost of marketing, packaging and advertising, while the liquid in the bottle represents as little as 3 % of the total cost of production. Alternatives are few and far between, but the number of natural perfume products is on the rise. A number of companies, such as Pacifica, are offering a safer, green alternative to commercial perfume. Many of these companies also have a commitment to using post-consumer recyclables for packaging, while the perfumes themselves are propylene glycol and cruelty-free. An added bonus of natural perfume is that the natural essential oils it contains impart a wonderful complexity to the fragrance that is not possible to replicate with synthetic substitutes.

Eco-Friendly Gifts and Health & Beauty Products:

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