Green Metal Roofing for better environment

Posted by Sasha Kirey On 2:20 PM
Green Building a new way to build

It is truly amazing how green building and energy efficiency are becoming such a big part of our life and how green building practices can contribute to a better, cleaner and healthier environment.
Indeed new technology such as energy efficient cars and hybrids, water and light saving systems, wind mill farms, and solar power are becoming important contributors to cleaner environment and help us fight global warming.

How can I use green building in my home?

Thought, you would never ask:) Well, there are quite a few ways that you can contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment by performing some energy efficient updates in your home. For instance, next time your home needs a new roof, an important component of our home that protects the entire building, you can upgrade your old asphalt shingle roof with an energy efficient metal roof.

Metal Roofing offers great many benefits over conventional asphalt shingle roofs. Just to name a few, metal roofs can last as long as the building structure itself when professionally installed by Metal Roofing Contractors. Metal Roofs are considered green because metal is fully recyclable building material, that also reflects solar heat and reduces AC load during steamy hot days of summer. In fact, an energy star certified metal roof can save you quite a bit of money in energy savings and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted in the atmosphere when Power plants burn coal to produce electricity.

Metal Roofs can also be outfitted with solar panels, which will not only keep your roof cool and leak free, but will also generate free electricity for your home and pay for itself in seven to ten years!

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