Liquidmetal Casing iphone 5Apple is reportedly ready to release the iPhone 5 before the year changed. 5 is also called the iPhone will use the material "metallic glass", which is known as Liquidmetal.

This information was first known from the media in Korea, citing attacking 'the source of the industry' in the know.

A source said that the case with this material will be 20 times stronger than ordinary casing.

Metallic glass casing is a "mixed metal." With one of the ingredients of the material has an irregular glass structure ".

This material has been used since the so-called '90an. These materials are usually used to 'mold pulse SuperSpeed ??technology'. For example used in the manufacture of aircraft.
Casing iphone 5
For iPhone, metallic glass materials expected to be used on the back. Of course this will be interesting blend with a screen that may still be using the technology Retina Display on the front.

Apple is said to have had an exclusive agreement with Liquidmetal Technologies Ltd, the creator of this material. Technology giant headquartered in Cupertino, the United States is said to have paid U.S. $ 11 million for an exclusive agreement.